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How to buy safety shoes?

According to relevant statistics, foot injuries are the second largest contributor to workplace fatalities, accounting for about 15%. Every year, industrial accidents due to being hit by falling or dropped objects, bruises, slips, burns, spray of corrosive objects, stabbing of sharp objects, as well as electrocution and electrostatic strikes are on the rise, and foot injuries have become the second killer of occupational health. Choosing the right safety shoes is completely possible to avoid the occurrence of injuries.

Therefore, wearing safety shoes at work is extraordinarily important. And choosing the right pair of safety shoes for workers not only protects their safety, but also greatly reduces the frequency of work-related accidents, and the savings in their related medical expenses and time costs are even more substantial.

Safety shoes should be selected according to the working environment, and the functional requirements for safety shoes vary from job to job. With so many types of safety shoes, how do we choose the right pair of safety shoes for our workers?


1、The primary consideration is the function of safety shoes

It can be seen that safety shoes have very many functions, smash-proof, puncture-proof, etc. are the most basic function points, advanced function points are anti-slip, anti-static, waterproof, cold-proof, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, insulation, etc., before the purchase of the first collection of workers in the position of the functional needs of safety shoes, according to the functional needs to buy the right safety shoes can be.


2、Secondly, consider whether the quality of safety shoes is up to standard

Safety shoes are high technology and high value-added footwear products, and the production process of safety shoes has high requirements for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment and so on.

Countries have different safety certification standards for safety shoes. TFWMGV safety shoes are ISO certified and can be purchased with confidence, providing high quality after-sales guarantee.


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